Light Rouge Pepper

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Sumptuous rare pepper speciality with a sweet and fruity sharpness
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Not for nothing is Kampot pepper known as the “gold of Cambodia”. The mineral-rich soils, salty sea air and abundant rainfall of this coastal province provide the special geological and climatic conditions that give Kampot pepper its finely nuanced taste. On account of its excellent quality, the pepper has been awarded the World Trade Organisation’s sought-after Geographical Indication (GI) quality seal.

The light Kampot Rouge pepper in the FINEST FOOD AGE PEPPER COLLECTION is a true red pepper. It should not be confused with the red berries that are sold as “rose pepper” (usually added to colourful spice mixtures for purely visual reasons). In botanical terms “rose pepper” is not a pepper at all but the drupe of a tree (Schinus terebinthifolius) from South America. The pink berries have little taste because they contain none of the piperine and essential oils that give true pepper its complex flavour.

The real red pepper, by contrast, is precious and rare, because it is not harvested until the pepper berries are completely ripe. The farmers need extensive experience and intuition in order to know just when the berries are ready to be picked. A lot of flesh remains on the peppercorn; this gives the red pepper a particularly fruity taste that is nevertheless intense and sharp. After harvesting the pepper berries are briefly dipped in water to preserve their red pigment. They are then dried in the sun, carefully hand-sorted and gently packed without additives of any sort.

A sustainably managed relationship between farmers and trading partners ensures that farmers are paid fair prices while customers get reliable quality.

The light Kampot Rouge pepper in the FINEST FOOD AGE PEPPER COLLECTION is light red to orange in colour. This rare pepper is available only in limited quantities and can therefore be supplied only while stocks last.

Kampot Rouge is regarded as the best type of pepper in the world. Just to open the jar in which the light Kampot Rouge pepper in the FINEST FOOD AGE PEPPER COLLECTION is supplied is to be struck by its superbly fruity aroma. Its rounded fruity taste with hints of caramel evokes associations with summer and sun. But take care! This pepper also has an intense sharpness – but thanks to its soft sweetness it is entirely harmonious rather than biting.

Sumptuous light Kampot Rouge pepper is the perfect accompaniment to culinary delights such as scallops, rainbow trout or tender roast hare.
It blends superbly with white meat, fish and vegetables and also goes extremely well with cheese.

But of course there are no bounds to culinary experimentation!

To ensure that it is particularly well protected from harmful environmental influences, the light Kampot Rouge pepper in the finestfoodage PEPPER COLLECTION is supplied in high-quality violet glass jars. Keeping this special jar tightly closed will ensure that the light Kampot Rouge pepper always has the dry and dark storage conditions that it needs.