Our packaging

Violet-coloured glass

The products in the finestfoodage COLLECTIONS are packaged in top-quality materials that ensure the best possible protection. The dark violet glass jars provide a reliable defence against harmful light intrusion, thereby extending the product’s storage life.

Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, valuable essences and herbal remedies have been stored in containers of violet-coloured glass. Today we know why: the violet-tinted glass filters out the entire spectrum of visible light (with the exception of the violet rays). It is this visible light that is partly responsible for the decomposition that causes products to deteriorate – they carry on “ripening” until they spoil.

But the sun’s light also includes an invisible spectrum comprised of infrared and UVA wavelengths. These frequencies can actually protect and improve the quality of high-grade and sensitive substances. The violet glass is permeable to radiation of this frequency and therefore has advantages over other types of dark glass.

But the distinguished glass jars of the finestfoodage COLLECTIONS with their stylishly designed labels do more than just protect our products – they are also visually appealing! On the table, the numbered specialities in the COLLECTIONS with their extravagant look are a constant talking point among people who appreciate good food.