Here you will find FINEST FOOD AGE products to support you in the kitchen, Ideal for your lifestyle, your "star cuisine" and to give away!

135,00 €
135,00 €
FFA protective mask
25,00 €
25,00 €

for professionals

We have a very special offer for star chefs, restaurants and wholesalers. We will be happy to send you more information on request.

Here you will find FINEST FOOD AGE products to support you in the kitchen (to start with we offer beautifully elegant protective masks) as well as gift boxes in different sizes - for single products (tins in three sizes) and combinations (twin set boxes in two greetings) - so you can combine the truly best of our offers in handmade gift boxes - ideal for getting to know each other and giving as presents.

The boxes & tins are handmade in a family-run traditional Viennese workshop, which seems like a long time ago, the tins / boxes are made piece by piece in loving handcraft especially for FINEST FOOD AGE.

The Twin-Set-Boxes can be filled with any FINEST FOOD AGE Pepper & Salt products - depending on the size, the gift boxes can hold one FINEST FOOD AGE Pepper or Salt product each, or an aperitif balsamic vinegar or an organic oil.

Please contact us per mail for advice before you ordering.

We are happy to fill our handmade gift boxes individually - contact us and we will fulfill your special wish!



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