FFA protective mask

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We'll have to get used to it. So why not combine function with design: Classy FINEST FOOD AGE Mouth and Nose Mask
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Our timelessly elegant FINEST FOOD AGE mouth-nose protection mask is produced exclusively for us by the traditional family business "Salzburger Handdrucke Jordis".

It is made of 100% cotton 2-ply hand-sewn!

The outer fabric is dark silk grey, matty-gloss with white dots - the FINEST FOOD AGE Spoon Crown logo is embroidered in gold and white. The inner fabric is black, matty - with a floral pattern.

This mouth-nose protection mask is exclusively produced for FINEST FOOD AGE by Salzburger Handdrucke Jordis:
Since 1937, Jordis fabric dreams come true! For the first time in 1937 and again in 1947 after the war, timeless and exclusive fabrics for furniture and curtains, but also for dirndls, dresses, blouses, aprons, ... and also tablecloths, bed linen and much more. The Jordis family has always collected old hand-printed models - these are the models for the latest patterns - traditionally inspired, modern or classic.

The mask is not a certified medical product, reusable and washable at 60° (do not put it in the dryer after washing!).

Corona-protection with style: Mouth and nose protector very elegant and easy to wear!

A flexible "part" for the nose is incorporated for optimal adaptation to the face - longer elastic bands for the ears are attached on both sides - the open delivery provides ideal length adjustment!

We will have to get used to it. So why not combine function with design.

At the moment, in Austria only in public transport and medical facilities (doctors, hospital, but also pharmacies) - but also recommended in restaurants and supermarkets - must be worn. In principle, this measure is not about self-protection, but about the protection of others. This mask does not protect the wearer against infection with the virus, but it keeps away the wearer's own speech and cough drops.

However, some rules must also be observed when wearing the masks: When wearing or putting on the mask, there are a few things to consider. The protective mask for the mouth and nose (MNS) must not only be put on correctly, but also removed in a certain way.

Put on the mask correctly: When removing the mask, there is an increased risk of infection with pathogens that are located on the outside of the mask - something that must be observed:

  1. Make sure the mask is properly sealed. First of all, the nose and mouth must be properly covered and then pulled up to under the chin.
  2. When taking it off, try to touch the mask only by the straps.
  3. Do not touch the large area at the front of the mask.
  4. Do not wear removed masks open or slide them under the chin.
  5. Wash or disinfect hands thoroughly after removing the mask. When disinfecting, allow 30 seconds for the mask to soak in.

Let´s stay healthy and enjoy life!