About Bernhard Bachna

Explore diversity, preserve diversity, Sharing diversity with others - that characterizes the life of Bernhard Bachna. To explore the phenomena of the world, to find precious things, to preserve the tried and tested as collections. Passing on good things and letting others participate in it were and are the determining constants of his life and his varied professional career.

bernhard "As the CEO of finestfoodage.com, I am personally responsible for the quality and selection of our products. I have a fine nose and you can rest assured that we only offer the finest and best quality products in our shop."

Exploring and preserving diversity and sharing it with others is the leitmotif of Bernhard Bachna’s life. The defining constant of his leisure activities and his multifaceted career has been the drive to investigate the wonders of the world, discover precious things, preserve what is worthwhile in collections, pass on what is good and share things with other people.

Bernhard Bachna is a trained conservator and therefore particularly skilled at identifying and preserving treasures; he is actively involved in the fine arts as a painter and photographer. As a manager in the pharmaceutical industry with a doctorate in medicine, he is familiar with all aspects of setting up and expanding a pharmaceutical company and taking it in innovative directions. He has also studied business administration (pharmaceutical management) and law (focusing on national and EU law).

In the spirit of Cicero’s injunction “Never start stopping, never stop starting”, Bernhard Bachna is now starting up in the culinary world with FINEST FOOD AGE. Here he can combine his love of good taste with his skills as a researcher, developer and collector.

As homo ludens, Bernhard Bachna finds that the joy of play has never left him – but are we allowed to play with our food? We are! Because enthusiastic play with high-quality foods trains our taste and teaches us to treat these valuable and delectable resources with respect. And just as every game has its rules, in this game involving the finest foods the rules call for top quality, sustainability, health and fairness.

“Share my pleasure in discovering, exploring and collecting – the exclusive COLLECTIONS of FINEST FOOD AGE are like a culinary parlour game: they provide the ideal opportunity for this!”