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Corporate purpose: Trade in foods
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Photos: © Rita Newman /
People – people on the stage – Rita Newman discovered her love of photography in her youth, so that when she came to do a degree in art history she wrote her dissertation on “The photographic image of sculpture – the three-dimensional transported into the two-dimensional”. Her career in food photography was arrived at by a slightly different route. Press pictures, food, cookbooks – Rita Newman spent years travelling around rural kitchens for a wide range of clients. Soon the “press pictures” turned into cookbooks, the producers into friends, and she no longer journeyed to the chefs but instead had them come to her studio in Vienna or the Pielachtal. In her photographic work Rita Newmans specializes not only in depicting art and food but also in portraits, garden and theatre photography and reporting.

Text Barbara Weyss /
For Barbara Weyss the cultural techniques of speaking, reading and writing are a vocation and a career. From an early age she was particularly fascinated by the possibilities of arranging letters to create meaning, convey messages, tell stories and thus create an entire world. With many years’ professional experience in the media and PR sector behind her, text expert Barbara Weyss knows about the importance of words as a medium for transporting messages. As a result of her wide-ranging expertise, her work covers areas as diverse as proofreading legal and academic papers, editing texts for companies (PR and advertising materials, reports, magazines, etc.) and writing customised texts to meet a variety of client needs.

Logodesign: Birgit Fiedler M.A.
Based on a well grounded sense of esthetics Birgit Fiedler disposes of a broad set of artistic, graphical and digital tools. When she gets down to work this results in consistent and convincing logos, websites and other printed matter with a clear focus on the essence of her respective subject. As an artist in her own studio near Vienna/Austria she is proficient in the classical copper print- and lithography-techniques. With her portraits and metaphorical prints she is represented at renowned international biennials and has been awarded prizes in Europe and Canada.

Translations: Claudia Schreiner
Through her agency prolingua, translator and interpreter Claudia Schreiner manages an international team of carefully selected translators who use their talent for languages and their specialised expertise to translate a variety of documents into their mother tongue. The enthusiastic language experts of prolingua cover a wide range of language combinations and subject areas. Claudia Schreiner uses her extensive experience to pick the best translator for each task and carefully checks the work of each member of the team to ensure that high standards of accuracy and reliability are maintained. Personalised attention to each customer and one-to-one advice are hallmarks of Claudia Schreiner’s work. Please note: This website may contain text which has not been translated or proof-read by prolingua.

Entwicklung der Webseite: Syncron-Marketing GmbH
Syncron Marketing already designed and projected large web projects and webshops. In doing so, the focus was always to integrate extensive information to create a search engine friendly environment, without limiting the conversion rate. In addition, the page is kept as "slim" as possible, to ensure fast loading and a simple shopping experience for the customer.