Thekkady Vert

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Single origin – untreated: whole fresh green pepper with a fresh and minty aroma and slight sharpness.
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Our Thekkady Vert comes from the Kerala region of south-west India. Here in the Periyar National Park, ancient endangered pepper varieties are preserved and hand-picked by local people as part of a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to cultivation. These old varieties have a much higher percentage of essential oils than new hybrid peppers.

Green pepper is obtained from the green and still unripe berries of the true pepper. The plant from which it comes is the same as that from which black, white and red pepper are also harvested – berries of varying degrees of ripeness (green to orange/red) can always be found on the same panicle, and differences arise solely from the way in which they are processed.

  • Most of the green pepper that is used is stored in brine, but some is dried so that it retains its green colour.

  • Black pepper is orange/red when harvested; it turns black as result of fermentation and the drying process.

  • White pepper is the inner seed of the black peppercorn; it is somewhat sharper than black pepper because the outer layer has been removed.

  • Red pepper is obtained from the very ripe orange/red berries, but for commercial growing reasons it is rare. While most of it is pickled in brine, the small quantity of the harvest that remains is specially dried to give it its red appearance (see the FINEST FOOD AGE pepper rarities Light Kampot Rouge and Kampot Rouge Longpepper).

The FINEST FOOD AGE Thekkady Vert is noted for its mild, fresh pepperminty smell and slight fruitiness. This single-origin, untreated pepper is dried in ovens at very high temperatures and without the use of additives before being sorted by hand. Its smell is surprisingly complex.

The FINEST FOOD AGE Thekkady Vert is just the right pepper for the newcomer to pepper varieties. Whole green pepper is available from FINEST FOOD AGE in dried form; other retailers also sell it pickled in brine or vinegar.

Green pepper is the mildest sort of pepper. Its aroma combines a slight sharpness with a fresh, fruity note that is not found in black, red or white pepper. Because the aroma dissipates quickly, you should always use it freshly ground. Do not buy ready-ground pepper, which loses its typical aroma almost immediately when the packet is opened.
Because of its mild sharpness, you can use green pepper more generously than other pepper varieties (peppercorns pickled in brine or vinegar are usually used whole or added to cooking as they are). Dried peppercorns can also be ground before use. Put the dried peppercorns in a mortar and crush them coarsely or grind them to a fine pepper powder. Dried green pepper is also suitable for the pepper mill.

Like all pepper varieties, green pepper tastes best when it is freshly ground – but if you want to use the dried green peppercorns whole, they should be simmered in liquid with other ingredients for about 30 minutes. This will soften the peppercorns so that their consistency is very similar to that of pickled pepper.

Our FINEST FOODAGE TIP: Chop some green pepper that has been softened in this way and add it to a steak sauce made with crème fraîche.

Like black pepper, green pepper is a universal spice that harmonises with almost all seasonings. However, combining it with Asian spices makes for particularly interesting dishes. Green pepper is often used in Thai cooking. Give it a try!

FINEST FOOD AGE Thekkady Vert always goes well with lamb, poultry (especially duck), fish (and in particular with crustaceans and seafood), light sauces, vinaigrettes, marinades and soups (tomato soup, poultry soup), terrines and pâtés, coconut dishes, Asian vegetables and fruits; it rounds off salads and is of course perfect with all cheeses (including cream cheese).

The FINEST FOOD AGE tip for vegetarians: Green pepper is particularly useful for seasoning tomato and mushroom dishes. Vegetarians also enjoy it with cream cheese and bread or with strawberries.

Suitable for mortars and grinders.

To ensure protection from harmful environmental influences, Thekkady Vert green pepper from FINEST FOOD AGE is supplied in high-quality violet glass jars. Keeping this special jar tightly closed (please check that the round aroma seal is in place) will ensure that this rarity is always stored in dry and dark conditions.