Pure Pumpkin Seed Oil

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Organic cold-pressed vegetable oilt
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Pure pumpkin seed oil from FINEST FOOD AGE is made from premium quality pumpkin seeds grown under organic conditions in Austria’s Waldviertel region. The seeds are processed particularly gently and cold pressed by a master of the oil craft. The main difference between this and the well-known “Styrian pumpkin seed oil” is that the pumpkin seeds are not roasted before being pressed. This gentle production process ensures that far more of the pumpkin’s valuable natural nutrients are retained.

Pure pumpkin seed oil from FINEST FOOD AGE is green in colour and has a fruity, almost sweet flavour; what surprises and delights users is the pure pumpkin taste that is entirely without roasted notes.

The high-quality pumpkin seed oil should not be heated and therefore goes best with salads and cold foods. It also makes a nutritious addition to healthy smoothies.

And it can be used to enhance the flavour of cooked dishes – provided that the food is left to cool to eating temperature before the oil is added. Juicy steaks, quark strudels and Austrian pancakes can all benefit from the delicious pumpkin flavour.

Pumpkin seeds contain many valuable trace elements and minerals as well as vitamins A, B, C, D and E. Pumpkin seed oil has a high unsaturated fatty acid content of about 80 percent, of which roughly half is polyunsaturated; this makes it one of the most nutritious vegetable oils.

Pure pumpkin seed oil from FINEST FOOD AGE is a genuine organic cold-pressed vegetable oil. The gentle production process based on raw, unroasted seeds ensure that a particularly large proportion of the pumpkin’s valuable natural nutrients are retained. The raw pumpkin seed oil is therefore an even better ingredient in a health-conscious diet than “Styrian pumpkin seed oil” from roasted seeds.

Pumpkin seed oil is extremely sensitive to light and must be well protected from sunlight. The pumpkin seed oil in the FINEST FOOD AGE OIL COLLECTION is therefore supplied in high-quality violet glass bottles that provide the best possible protection from light.