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Presseaussendung #1 vom 24.10.2017

Sea salt: It’s pure, but is it clean?

Marine biologists observe with concern that plastic in the sea virtually never dissolves or breaks down. The plastic is pulverised into ever-smaller pieces and in time the rubbish disappears from our sight, but it does not vanish from our ecosystem.

Bernhard Bachna, the founder of finest-food-age, offers tips on buying salt – because “pure” is not always “clean”!

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homage to good taste

The FINEST FOOD AGE platform was founded in Vienna in 2017 and has rapidly become a hotspot for gourmets.

The online shop offers a sophisticated selection of natural foods and seasonings such as balsamic vinegars, oils, peppers, and salts – products to delight the heart of connoisseurs, including professionals in the high-end catering sector.

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