About finest-food-age

The COLLECTIONS from FINEST FOOD AGE are a choice assortment of naturally pure foods and seasonings. Only the best products in their category have been included in this exclusive selection of the finest food items. Every item in our enthralling range is superbly presented. The numbered specialities in the COLLECTIONS are collectors’ pieces that provide a constant source of new culinary experiences and are always a talking point among people who appreciate good food.

finest-food-age rediscovers the quality of pure taste

Pure, high-quality food is the most valuable thing that we can buy. It must come from producers who are passionate about the quality of their products and committed to using resources sustainably. finest-food-age values and respects this approach. A healthy natural environment and fair pay for a day’s work are essential if the products are to have the quality and energy that contribute to good taste.

The items in the FINEST FOOD AGE COLLECTIONS have the authentic flavour of pure food that is free from environmental contamination and artificial additives; they make the discovery of taste a journey of delight that is healthful for both soul and body.

All products are covered by our high quality and sustainability standards at every stage, up to and including delivery. To maintain their perfection for as long as possible, all items are supplied in high-quality violet glass jars. All packaging materials are reusable or (like the wood excelsior) biodegradable.

Since we are always on the lookout for things that are special and out of the ordinary, new products are regularly added to the range in our COLLECTIONS.