Hawaiian Red Salt

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Unusual red sea salt from the Pacific blended with Hawaiian clay.
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On the islands of Hawaii, salt was for centuries obtained by evaporating seawater in ponds along the coast during the dry summer months, resulting in a unique sea salt that captures the soul of the Pacific Ocean.

On the island of Molokai the ancient saltmaking tradition has been revived and brought up to date. On modern salt farms the seawater is filtered to meet the standards of the USA’s Food and Drug Administration. No other salt is obtained from water as pure as this. Over several weeks and with the help of solar power, the seawater evaporates slowly and naturally in food-safe pans in which it is protected from impurities by glass. This ensures that none of the precious minerals and trace elements are lost.

Natural additives give the Hawaiian salt its various hues, which represent the characteristic colours of the landscape: green stands for the luscious vegetation, red for the clay and black for the islands’ volcanic origins.

For the red Hawaiian salt in the FINEST FOOD AGE SALT COLLECTION, red alaea clay is added to the sea salt from the Pacific. Alaea – the “sacred earth” of Hawaii – is a volcanic clay that derives its colour from the iron oxide it contains. It is this red clay that gives Hawaiian salt its striking colour and special taste.

With care, patience and innovative technology, the ocean’s gift is made into a gourmet salt that is sought after all over the world. The widespread popularity of Hawaiian salt is itself a gift for the island of Molokai, because salt production creates jobs that respect the needs of both humans and the environment in an otherwise difficult economic setting.

The red colour of this original Hawaiian salt from the FINEST FOOD AGE SALT COLLECTION is particularly striking. The colours of the Hawaiian salts reflect the colours of the country, with red symbolising the archipelago’s “holy earth”, alaea.

As a result of the red clay that the red Hawaiian salt in the FINEST FOOD AGE SALT COLLECTION contains, the salt’s flavour evokes associations with hazelnut. With its mildly spicy, nutty taste it goes very well with pork and vegetables. It gives sauces and marinades a round, harmonious flavour.
Red Hawaiian salt is a striking finishing salt that imparts a delightful finesse – especially to cold foods – when added at the table.

On Hawaii sea salt has long been revered as a spring of life and health. The islanders used the salt in traditional healing ceremonies and the ritual purification of tools and objects. The Pacific salt symbolises Hawaiians’ deep connectedness with nature.
The red Hawaiian salt in the FINEST FOOD AGE SALT COLLECTION with its wealth of natural minerals and trace elements is particularly suitable for a health-conscious diet.

To ensure protection from harmful environmental influences, the red Hawaiian salt in the FINEST FOOD AGE SALT COLLECTION is supplied in high-quality violet glass jars. Keeping this special jar tightly closed will ensure that the red Hawaiian salt always has the dry and dark Storage conditions that it needs.

Salt should not be kept next to the stove or over the cooker hood because the cooking carried out in this area produces a lot of moisture that will quickly cause the salt to become clumpy.