BBQ Finishing HOT

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Premium finishing grill spice mix with extra-hot, surprising flavours
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This special grill spice mixture can be admired from the outside through the pack viewing window - a spice mixture of a completely new, incomparable kind!

Our BBQ Finishing is puristic - and that's why it's so unique: FINEST FOD AGE not only deliberately dispenses with the usual ingredients that are widely used in barbecue spices, such as onion, garlic, herbs, etc., but of course also with the addition of - the unfortunately usual - flavour enhancers, preservatives or colourings.

Therefore, this spice mixture contains sun-dried chili flakes, pepper from spicy wild collections and various salts - including our special sea salt - completely without microplastics or modern marine pollution ... just pure & clean!

It is handmade from the best FINEST FOOD AGE peppers and salts and is filled "whole" in stand-up pouches with pressure seal and tear opener - this guarantees that the taste and essential oils of the pepper are preserved.

So our BBQ Finishing is deliberately kept as puristic - but surprisingly spicy - just the way the master grillers of beef steaks, roast beef, roast beef and beef fillet from South America use it.

Nutritional values per 100 g = 141,58 kcal / 592,37 kJ
Protein = 4,70 g
Fat = 4,53 g
of which saturated fatty acids = 1,18 g
Carbohydrates = 20,88 g
thereof sugar = 10,08g
Dietary fibre = 10,80 g
Salt = 47,07 g

The FINEST FOOD AGE Premium Finishing Grill Spice Mix is filled "whole" and consists of components of different grain sizes. Therefore we recommend the following points before taking out or processing:

  1. each time before opening the bag, hold the bag with the reclosable end downwards and shake it a few times - this way you achieve a better mixing of the different sized ingredients of the mixture
  2. place the bag upright on a surface and open it
  3. take a desired amount with the help of a teaspoon
  4. before further use, mortar the spice mixture up to the desired grain size ......

ATTENTION: The spice mixture is hygroscopic - so please open the bag again immediately until the next time you take it out!

Before further use, mortar or crush the spice mixture to the desired grain size.

FINEST FOOD AGE has designed this premium grill spice mix as a finishing spice mix - it can therefore be used in many ways - not only for seasoning: The grill spice mix is perfect as BBQ Rub of steak and all grilled goods but also roast dishes from the pan and the oven, as an exquisite herb butter spice and for marinating with oil for delicious grill marinades & BBQ sauce and is also recommended as a fried potato spice.

ATTENTION: Our BBQ finishing is puristic and very taste-intensive - mortar or pound the grill spice mixture ECONOMIC depending on the use to different dishes - for example:

  1. Finely ground spice: Prepare a marinade with grill spice, with heat-resistant rape, peanut or coconut oil. Add some beer, wine, vinegar or lemon juice as desired. Brush the steak sparingly with the marinade. Leave to soak in for 1-3 hours.

  2. Coarsely ground spice: As an alternative to the marinade, season the finished steak before resting or before serving.

Always keep the resealable floor stand bag well closed!