Mustard caviar in 10 unusual combinations can be used to add a special touch to dishes as the fancy takes you. Mustard caviar is a wholegrain mustard: unlike traditional sorts of mustard it is made from whole mustard seeds.

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Marinading in a vinegar mixture softens the mustard seeds, giving them their typical caviar-like texture. There is no need for preservatives, because the main ingredients – mustard seeds and vinegar, plus some salt and sugar – automatically ensure that the product keeps well.

The creations available here cater for a wide range of tastes, because people vary in their preferred mustard choices – and some dishes call for hot and spicy seasoning, while others are better complemented by something more restrained. At se:nfsucht there is therefore a big choice of flavours for all mustard-craving meatlovers – but vegetarians, too, will appreciate the variety and intense flavour of mustard caviar.

Warning! se:nfsucht can cause a sudden outbreak of good taste! …

se:nfsucht is a small Styrian family business that has discovered the love of mustard caviar for itself and is eager to share it with others. Mustard caviar is a wholegrain mustard in a thick vinegar marinade which is made in a cold process that ensures that all the valuable nutrients in the mustard seed and all the other ingredients are retained. Unlike traditional sorts of mustard, mustard caviar is not ground: the mustard seeds remain whole, so that each bite releases wonderful and varied taste notes.

Because regionality, originality and naturalness are key ingredients in the se:nfsucht philosophy, the 10 wholegrain mustard creations were developed not only with the help of the whole family but also in collaboration with the vinegar and mustard manufacturer Fischerauer in Pischlsdorf. So two keen-as-mustard businesses, in the truest sense of the word, have come together to create exquisite taste experiences. It goes without saying that only natural ingredients are used. Styrian influences and regional products set the tone, but a Mediterranean touch is also noticeable. The results range from mild and rounded to spicy and hot, from fruity and sweet to smoky and intense.

Your very next barbecue could benefit from the Fuchs family’s innovative wholegrain mustard. Try it for yourself and see whether se:nfsucht cuts the mustard!

Mustard caviar – delicious and easy to make yourself

Mustard caviar differs from traditional mustard products in that making it does not involve crushing or grinding the mustard seeds; instead, they remain whole. This makes each bite an exquisite experience, because chewing on the mustard seeds, which can be pickled in a wide range of vinegar marinades, results in each seed developing an intense and slightly nutty flavour. This leads to a mild or hot taste experience, depending on the type of mustard seed. When marinaded in vinegar and other liquids, white mustard seeds lose their original sharpness but brown and black seeds retain much of theirs. Adding chilli or other hot spices is thus not the only way in which you can regulate the sharpness of the mustard caviar for yourself. Feel free to experiment here: it is possible to create the right experience for everyone. Furthermore, combining different mustard seeds enhances the visual appeal and can deliver a fiery kick.

The basic recipe can be used as a starting point and varied at will, depending on your taste. Enjoy!

Preparation time = 30 min.
Type of dish = accompaniment
Country & region = Mediterranean, regional
Quantity = 400 grams
Calories = 500 kcal

•Screw-top jar

•100 g white, brown or black mustard seeds
•150 ml vinegar – the better the vinegar, the better the mustard caviar
•130 ml water – some or all of it can be replaced with fruit juice, such as orange, lime or lemon juice
•25 g sugar or honey
•6 g salt


  1. Put all the ingredients in a screw-top jar. So that the initially unpleasant pungency of the mustard can escape, the jar should not be too small.

  2. Cover the jar with just a stocking or piece of gauze and leave it for at least 60 hours. Then screw on the lid and leave it to marinade for 2-3 weeks, from time to time stirring it or shaking it carefully – and of course tasting it if you feel like it!

  3. The white seeds lose their mustardy sharpness while the jar is left unlidded; the black mustard seeds also become milder but retain some of their heat. The sharpness can be regulated by lengthening or shortening the unlidded time.

  4. The quantity of this delicious accompaniment to cheese, vegetables, fish and meat can of course be increased as required, because the amount given in the basic recipe won’t last long!


Additions to the basic recipe or variations on it:

  • the zest of an organic lemon
  • the zest of an organic orange
  • the zest of an organic lime
  • the juice of the lemon (reduce the water by the same amount)
  • orange juice instead of water
  • fresh lime juice instead of water
  • FINEST FOOD AGE Bourbon pepper
  • grated organic ginger
  • ginger & lime syrup instead of sugar; halve the quantity of water
  • grated organic turmeric
  • cinnamon



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