smoked caramel

  • Content: 315 ml / 260 g
  • Weight: 481 g
  • Origin: Austria
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8,90 €

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smoked caramel

*Mustard caviar with the sharpness of chilli concealed behind a caramelly sweetness

smoked caramel mustard caviar: with its caramelly sweetness, it is somewhat reminiscent of desserts – which in fact wouldn’t be a bad pairing. But vanilla ice cream isn’t the only thing worth trying with this mustard caviar that has the background sharpness of chilli. Offer it, too, at your next barbecue, because the caramel note harmonises very well with sharply seasoned dishes, rounding them off very pleasantly. Or serve it with bread and cheese or in a ham roll – the slightly smoky note conjures up memories of enjoyable summer festivities! And it goes well with the veal and pork sausage known as Weisswurst. Give it a try and decide for yourself what this very special dark mustard caviar goes best with.

Flavour and use in the kitchen

Perfect for

  • bread & cheese and ham rolls
  • Weisswurst and other sausages
  • salad marinades and dressings


Apple balsamic vinegar, yellow mustard seeds (allergens under the Austrian Allergen Information Ordinance), water, caramelised sugar 4.4%, salt, smoked paprika 0.4%, chilli

Nutritional information

Typical values per 100 g
Energy = 801 kJ / 191 kcal
Fat = 8.4 g

  • of which saturated fatty acids = 0.4 g
    Carbohydrates = 21 g
  • of which sugars = 9.3 g
    Fibre = 1.9 g
    Protein = 7.4 g
    Salt = 1.2 g


Store at room temperature. Once opened keep cool and use within 4 months.