• Content: 315 ml / 260 g
  • Weight: 481 g
  • Origin: Austria
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6,90 €

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Mustard caviar with the colour and sweet tartness of cranberry and its typical sweet/tart note
cranberry mustard caviar: the colour and sweetness here come from the cranberry in concentrated form, but the delicious fruit also makes its presence felt with its typical acidic note. The stunning red colour alone makes this mustard caviar special and the taste delivers what the appearance promises. This is another mustard caviar that makes a new and sophisticated addition to dressings. Or how about a red mayonnaise? Why not, and of course this creation goes just as well with cheese, fish, vegetables and barbecued food.

Flavour and use in the kitchen

Perfect for

  • dressings and red mayonnaise
  • cheese, fish and vegetables
  • barbecued foods such as meat, mushrooms and vegetables


Yellow mustard seeds (allergens under the Austrian Allergen Information Ordinance), water, apple vinegar 5% acidity, cranberry concentrate 10%, sugar, salt, seasoning, other ingredients

Nutritional information

Typical values per 100 g
Energy = 768 kJ / 184 kcal
Fat = 9.2 g

  • of which saturated fatty acids = 0.5 g
    Carbohydrates = 16 g
  • of which sugars = 6.5 g
    Fibre = 2.1 g
    Protein = 8 g
    Salt = 2 g


Store at room temperature. Once opened keep cool and use within 4 months.