The finest-food-age SALT COLLECTION is a selection of high-quality natural salts that are remarkably varied in taste and colour. Take your own journey of discovery through the sparkling crystal world of salt! The “white gold” glistens in shades of delicate pink or mysterious blue. Reddish-black salt has an intriguing flavour. Fine white powdered salt gleams like snow. Delicate flakes melt crisply on the tongue. The taste of smoke-coloured crystals evokes romantic evenings around the campfire …

Salt is far more than a spice: it is essential for life and an important part of our diet. In antiquity it was highly sought-after as a spice and preservative and formed the basis of great trading empires. The Latin word sal meaning “salt” is the origin of the word salary, since valuable salt rations formed part of the Roman legionary’s pay. Even the word salad derives from the Latin salare meaning “to salt” and is a reference to the salted vegetables eaten in classical times.

The salt delicacies in the finest-food-age SALT COLLECTION are 100-percent natural, unrefined, and free from environmental contamination and additives such as anti-caking agents, iodine and artificial flavour enhancers. These natural salts contain only natural minerals and trace elements. On account of their purity they are a useful part of a healthy diet and also suitable for internal and external therapeutic applications.

All salts should be stored in a dry, dark place. To ensure that they are well protected from harmful environmental influences, the natural salts in the finest-food-age SALT COLLECTION are supplied in high-quality violet glass jars. Because the salt specialities vary in consistency, the jars may not all be filled to the same level.

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