Pepper Grinder

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  • Weight: 1069 g
  • Origin: Austria
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49,95 €

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Pepper Grinder

The robust Swing pepper grinder is timeless. Made entirely of heavy cast iron, it sits comfortably in the hand and grinds peppercorns effortlessly and evenly. It measures roughly 9 cm in height and 7 cm in diameter and weighs a hefty 1.1 kg – that is quality with weight behind it!

The grinder consists of two cast iron bowls that are rotated against each other. This ingenious design makes it easy to put peppercorns into the mill and grind them to the required fineness without the corns jumping out. The pepper – either whole or already ground – can be kept in the grinder until needed; the high-quality wooden lid ensures that it stays fresh. The perfectly shaped lid is pleasing not only to the eye but also to the touch – and it is extremely durable.

This pepper grinder is an elegant designer piece that looks good both in the kitchen and on the table – and the best grinder for the choice pepper specialities in the finestfoodage PEPPER COLLECTION.