Organic Hemp Oil

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  • Content: 250 ml / 227,5 g
  • Weight: 526,5 g
  • Origin: Austria
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  • Speciality: organic
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Organic Hemp Oil

Sweet nutty green blend of flavours from the Waldviertel region of Austria.

Organic cold-pressed plant oil.


Hemp is a legendary plant. All sort of myths have grown up around cannabis, which is the botanical name for hemp; ignorance and media campaigns have brought the plant into disrepute. Yet until late into the 19th century, the many uses of hemp for food and medicinal purposes made it one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. In Austria, too, hemp was grown for centuries until the USA successfully campaigned for a worldwide ban on the crop in the 1960s. Since the 1990s, however, hemp has undergone a revival and is now regarded as a valuable renewable resource.

Few other plants are better placed to counteract the industrialisation of agriculture. The plant’s roots go deep into the soil, where they find everything that the hemp needs to thrive – entirely without fertiliser. In a relatively short time the plant reaches a height of up to four metres, which enables it to resist all competition from weeds. Its strong smell deters pests so that no artificial pesticides are needed. And every part of the plant is usable.

The hemp oil is obtained from hemp seeds that are harvested in autumn. These seeds – which are also called hemp nuts – contain no stimulants, so the only thing you risk getting addicted to is the taste!

The hemp oil in the FINEST FOOD AGE OIL COLLECTION is made from organically grown hemp nuts harvested in the Waldviertel region of Austria. Gentle processing and cold pressing also take place in the region and are performed by a master of the oil art. The careful artisanal method of production ensures that the oil retains the nutritious ingredients of the hemp nuts.

Flavour and use in the kitchen

The greenish-yellow hemp oil in the FINEST FOOD AGE OIL COLLECTION has a gloriously nutty taste with delicate hints of freshly mown meadows in the nose and a slight sharpness (like good olive oil) in the aftertaste.

Cold-pressed hemp oil is not suitable for roasting or frying because the fatty acids decompose at temperatures above about 165 °C, impairing the taste of the oil, but it can be used for stewing and steaming at lower temperatures.

Hemp oil tastes best when cold. Its nutty, slightly grassy flavour makes it an ideal salad oil. Hemp oil lends subtle taste notes to marinades, dips and dressings and adds power to smoothies. Perfect harmony is achieved with avocado – an incredible combination that is mildly nutty and green.

A couple of drops of hemp oil on cooked foods gives them a delicate lift, enriching soups, sauces, rice, pasta and vegetable dishes with a sophisticated nutty taste note.

And the hemp oil in the FINEST FOOD AGE OIL COLLECTION can also be enjoyed as it is: simply pour some into a flat dish and add a choice salt from the FINEST FOOD AGE SALT COLLECTION. Use the oil and salt mixture as a dip with fresh bread – the simple things are often the best!

Nutritional health

The hemp oil in the FINEST FOOD AGE OIL COLLECTION contains all the essential fatty acids that are important for human health. Omega 3 and omega 6 are two fatty acids that the body cannot make for itself and must therefore be obtained from food.

For a healthy fatty acid ratio, the amount of omega 6 in a food should not be more than three times its omega 3 content. Hemp oil has this perfect fatty acid ratio of 3:1, making it in this respect more nutritious than other plant oils.

As a source of omega 3 fatty acids, hemp oil is a good and environmentally friendly alternative to the consumption of oily fish often recommended by nutritionists. Saltwater fish are often contaminated with heavy metals and environmental toxins, and the fishing methods used are sometimes questionable. For vegans and vegetarians hemp oil is an ideal plant-based source of omega 3: simply take one to two tablespoons of hemp oil per day.

Hemp oil can also be used externally. Manufacturers of beauty products incorporate it into massage oils, ointments, creams, soaps and shampoos. In medicine hemp oil is used to treat inflammatory conditions affecting the skin and the ear, nose and throat.


Nutritious hemp oil must be protected from sunlight, which can destroy the sensitive double bonds of the fatty acids. The hemp oil in the FINEST FOOD AGE OIL COLLECTION is therefore supplied in high-quality violet glass bottles that provide the best possible protection from light.