Balsamic vinegar

The BALSAMIC COLLECTION from finest-food-age presents vinegar as you have never known it before. These elegant balsamic vinegars bring the glamour of the award-winning restaurant into every home. They are balm for the soul – and the palate!

This gourmet paradise flows with grape must and honey, which are combined with purely natural ingredients to make exquisite balsamic vinegars that add a new flavour to the world of condiments. Try it once and you will never want to use artificially flavoured commercial products again!

Making these premium products takes time and skill. An exquisite wine vinegar with a mature and complex flavour can only be produced with time and the right know-how. The subtle aromatic play of the wine vinegar is continued in the sweetness of the grape must and honey and finally brought to completion with natural spices or fruits.

The balsamic vinegars in the finest-food-age BALSAMIC COLLECTION can be mixed with prosecco to make exciting aperitifs. They go very well with cheese and can be used creatively in delicious desserts. As a seasoning they add a bouquet of taste notes to virtually any dish. But in fact the balsamic vinegars in the finest-food-age BALSAMIC COLLECTION are so good that nothing beats drinking them as they are.

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